Ecological - Economical Agriculture

With the Plocher products optimum agricultural production is obtained by enhancing and strengthening every aspect of the agricultural ecosystem.

Instead of using chemical fertilizers, the Plocher System increases soil fertility and promotes the natural production of plant nutrients.

Instead of fighting animal and plant diseases, the Plocher System increases vitality and immunity.

Scope of Application

The main areas of application are:

  • Plant treatment for growth, health and increased powers of resistance
  • Stables – dung or slurry, sanitation
  • Health promoting fodder supplements
  • Humus building soil treatment
  • Treatment of water (drinking and watering) for increased vitality
Details on date production

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date production


  • Healthy, nourishing and tasty foods produced without chemicals or medicine
  • Increased yields with reduced production costs
  • Elimination of the need for expensive ecological restoration programs due to agricultural pollution

Examples (click on pictures for more information)

Ministry of Agriculture Costa Rica

Kangwon National University, South Korea

Ministry of Rural Economy and Country Development, Vietnam

Ministry of Agriculture Costa Rica

Ministry of Agriculture Denmark