Our company was founded in 1993 after 12 years of research into what has now become known as the "Plocher Energy System."

The System was developed heuristically in Montreux, Switzerland by German researcher Roland Plocher with the purpose of improving the quality of water, air and soil using only natural products.

Scope of Application

The System is used to bring about desirable changes in a wide range of areas:

  • Speedy transition from conventional to profitable organic farming
  • Improvement of the quality of dung, compost and liquid manure
  • Enhanced soil fertility and stronger crops
  • Healthier livestock
  • Ecological restoration of polluted lakes
  • Biological treatment of sewage and process waters
  • Decontamination of soil and drinking water


In addition to staff involved in administration, production and sales we have a team of specialists planning and implementing large or specialized projects.  An example of such a project is the reclaiming of barren rain forest regions in Brazil.

Global Availability

The Plocher products are available through agencies in most of Europe and in several countries on other continents - Canada, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Costa Rica and others.