The Plocher System

In the last decades there has been a growing awareness of the existence of energy forms other than the known ones of electricity, magnetism, radioactivity, chemical and thermal energy.

It is one of these "other" forms of energy which is utilized by Roland Plocher in his Energy System. It appears to be omnipresent in Nature. Presently it rather belongs in the faculty of theoretical physics or philosophy than in the exact sciences.

The energy itself is assumed to have a minute wavelength and can therefore not be measured by instruments currently available to science, but the results derived from its practical application can be measured, quantified and replicated.

The Plocher Apparatus

In the Plocher System this fine energy is concentrated by an apparatus and used to copy or imprint the attributes of one or more substances onto other substances. It works much like a photo copier or a laser printer where the energy of the laser beam is replaced by the focused energy of the Plocher apparatus.

Before you read on please have a look at the animated explanation of the process by clicking on the link to the right of the screen (Plocher System).

Energy and Information

The "photo copies or prints" carrying the attributes of the copied substances are the final products (so-called "carrier materials") sold by our company.

Processed with the Plocher apparatus they gain new properties:

  • The products themselves act as accumulators and emitters of the concentrated energy.
  • The products emanate the copied attributes in vibrational form into the (immediate) surroundings. - We refer to this as transfer of information.
  • Their own original attributes and effects (before the processing) are maintained, but the vibrational emanation of these is strengthened, aided by the energy.

Click the second animation ("In Details") to see an animated explanation.

The third animation "Impulses" shows an example of how the vibrational emanation produces desirable changes.

Plocher System

In Details