Polluted Water


Lake Treatment

The first lake to be restored with the Plocher System was the Lac de Joux in the French part of Switzerland (1984).

It has since then been used to treat numerous lakes and ponds mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Biological sewage treatment, sanitation of drinking water and its use in aquaculture are other major areas of application.

The System acts as a natural catalyst regenerating the water by stimulation of the innate purification capabilities of the water itself. This does not just eradicate the symptoms, but eliminates the causes as well.

In order to achieve true stability the entire ecological system surrounding the water must be considered and returned to a balanced condition.

Examples (click for more information)

Project Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Temple of Literature Hanoi

Expo2000 Project Walsrode Sewage Ponds Greece

Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

Serengeti Safari Park, Hodenhagen